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E-VitiClimate targets learners involved in wine production (direct beneficiaries, generally with lower education). The project has indirectly benefited to people from the training sector (indirect beneficiaries, which could be split into students and trainers, both generally having higher education).

Three trainee profiles have been identified, relating to vineyard size:

  • Vine growers in small vineyards: Technician, High school diploma +2 years in viticulture
  • Vine growers in larger vineyards: Agricultural Engineer, High school diploma + 5 years in viticulture
  • Self-made vine growers: High degree but low knowledge in vine growing, High school diploma + 5 years.

These two targets are direct beneficiaries of the E-VitiClimate project. They has gained knowledge and learned new growing techniques adapted to climate change. This new knowledge has contributed to impact the quality and sustainability of their wine production.

The higher (2 and 3) and lower (1) educated targets were expected to have different expectations from this project.

  • The lower educated targets are technicians working directly in the field in smaller vineyards. Their desire to learn is oriented towards concrete and local solutions.
  • On the other hand, the two most educated targets may be more interested in obtaining general knowledge and understanding of the climate change phenomena before implementing new growing techniques.

From the training sector, 4 other profiles of targets have indirectly benefited from the content and findings of E-VitiClimate. They have been identified as follows:

  • Vocational trainers (Vocational education and training centres)
  • Teachers in Universities (Education)
  • Specialists of climate change in viticulture
  • Advisors in vineyards

These have been indirect beneficiaries through the dissemination of the E-VitiClimate activities. The objective of this dissemination was to inform a wide audience on the training content and project findings.

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