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E-VitiClimate ambitioned to train teachers and trainers on issues related to climate change and on different viticultural techniques to help producers adapt to climate change.

The results of the pilot trainings have been very promising. Pilots have been implemented in four European countries (UK, IT, FR, BG) from January to August 2013 and results were very encouraging.

Some main figures:

  • 381 registered trainees, essentially researchers, teachers and students.
  • 85 certified trainees (22% of registered).
  • High scores: 76/100 to both quizzes on average.
  • Average time spent per lesson: 10 minutes.
  • 50 trainees answered our satisfaction survey and the results are very satisfactory: more than the 80% of the objectives are considered achieved; 70% of the trainees think the website is well done, in particular as regards the ease of use and 70% consider the learning objectives fulfilled.

Please further read about our results in the following documents:

  • Report on the test training                (D9, 28-09-2012)
  • Report on the dissemination campaign (D13, 30-08-2013)
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