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Duration: 2 years
Start date: October 2011

Action plan and work programme

The E-VitiClimate project was made up of six work packages (WP).

  • WP1 (Specifications, IFV) were dedicated to specify the methodology, the educational content and the structure of the trainings and platform (functional and technical  specifications).
  • WP2 (Adaptation, PLUMPTON) consisted in adapting preliminaries materials to develop the content of the learning platform (training modules, games, quizzes).
  • WP3 (Website development, EP) aimed at developing a full elearning platform adapted to the profiles of learners and integrating the training content developed in WP2 into the interactive platform. The platform was designed to be interactive and easily understandable. This WP involved a large quantity of web development.
  • WP4 (Validation and Pilot training, DIPSA) has consisted in testing, optimising and validating the learning solution and at introducing it to learners through a pilot training per country of at least 10 participants each.
  • WP5 (Dissemination, IFV) was dedicated to the dissemination of the project though the promotion of the project results in the project countries and globally in Europe.
  • WP6 (Management, EP) was dedicated to the management activities.

For each work package, a WP leader has been defined according to its core expertise. Each WP leader will be in charge of the co-ordination of the work of the partners collaborating on their work package. The WP Leader will also insure that deliverables are produced with the appropriate quality, on time and on budget.

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Work Package 1: Specifications (M1-M3)

Period: 01/10/11 - 31/12/11 
Leader: IFV
This WP involves all the partners of the project and aims at specifying the methodology, the educational content and the structure of the trainings and of the websites, in addition to the technical specifications of the modules and of the platform. The kick-off meeting will occur during this WP which will last 3 months.

Work Package 2: Adaptation (M4-M8)

Period: 01/01/12 - 31/05/12
During WP2, the content of the website and of the training modules, games and quizzes will be adapted from the existing materials and knowledge into a specific training content, adapted to each partner country. This WP will last 5 months. During M6, the first progress meeting will be organised.

Work Package 3: Website development (M4-M11)

Period: 01/01/12 - 31/08/12          
Leader: EP
This WP aims at developing the full elearning platform and integrating the training content developed during WP2 into the interactive platform that will guarantee the interactivity and the understandability of the e-learning. This WP involves a large quantity of web development. It will then last 8 months.

Work Package 4: Validation and pilot training (M12-M19)

Period: 01/09/12 - 30/09/13         
Leader: DIPSA
During the 4th work package, the training contents and educational methods will be tested and validated by end-users from the partners workforce in real conditions. The test will last for two months. Once the test is done and the results analysed, final corrections will be done on the training platform. A guide for trainees will be prepared following this final version of the platform. Then, a pilot training of 4 months will be organised by each partner, targeting both training centers and viticulture technicians from private and public organisations. This pilot training will aim at presenting the platform to its main potential users and federating a network of viticulture mentors. Afterwards, the modules will be available for demonstration on the website until the end of the project.

Work Package 5: Dissemination (M12-M24)

Period: 01/09/12 - 30/09/13         
During WP5, the project results will be disseminated and promoted in all the project countries and more globally in the EU. This WP will rely on the creation of classical dissemination tools (posters, leaflets, and CD-ROMs in each project language) and  on the organisation of dissemination actions (information day). At the end of the WP, an exploitation plan will be designed to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Work Package 6: Management (M1-M24)

Period: 01/10/11 - 30/09/13
Leader: EP
This work package dedicated to the project management will last the whole project. It will focus on the implementation of the work programme, the follow-up of progress and results and the overall financial and administrative management.



October: Kick-off Meeting in Paris, France

On-going work packages: WP1 and WP6


March: Progress meeting in Florence, Italy
September: Progress meeting in Plumpton, UK

On-going work packages: WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6


March: Progress meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria
September: Final meeting in Epernay, France / END OF THE PROJECT

On-going work packages
: WP4, WP5 and WP6
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