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The E-VitiClimate project aimed at maintaining the richness and diversity of the European vineyard faced with climate change challenges thanks to an appropriate and innovative training of its viticulture technicians.

It has helped European trainees to acquire and use key knowledge to protect, maintain and exploit in the best conditions the European vineyard and all its related economic activities. It has also contributed to improve the quality and encourage innovations based on ICT in the practices and content of education and professional training in the viticulture sector. Finally, it has contributed to improve the appeal of education and professional training in that sector, by promoting innovative practices and their transfer in all the partner countries.

The main goals of the project were:

  • To give a boost to a different way of learning in the viticulture sector;
  • To propose a comprehensive and innovative training on viticulture and climate change that will integrate the cultural and territorial diversity of the European vineyard, through high international cooperation;
  • To inform all European viticulture mentors and trainers on climate change, its effects on viticulture and adaptation techniques.

These goals were be achieved through the:

  • Adaptation of a training material on climate change, its effects on vineyard and the different techniques and process to adapt the European vineyard to these changes, in the project four languages, cultures, techniques;
  • Creation of an interactive information platform;
  • Test, evaluation and adaptation of the training platform in the four project countries;
  • Organisation of a pilot training and information day in each project country, with viticulture technicians and representative of professional training centres from various institutions;
  • Dissemination of the training in the European educational system.

The large dissemination of both the interactive platform has allowed a larger understanding of climate change stakes for viticulture, and initiate a deep reappraisal of viticulture techniques. On the long term, through the monitoring of wine producers by technicians that followed the E-VitiClimate training, this project will permit the establishment of sustainable practices in the European vineyard.

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