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Three learning aims had been identified, for the E-VitiClimate project. They consisted of general learning aims that partners intended to reach in developing the learning content. Under each aim, learning objectives (10 in total) were designed to indentify learning outcomes.

The first aim was to sensitise students to climate change and related emerging problems and risks. Through this aim, the students have been enabled to understand the problems and forecasts of climate change at a national and regional level. They have gained capacity to exploit the knowledge from older producing countries and to recognise the consequences of the change due to climate challenge. They have developed the habit to voluntarily go and search for more information.

The second aim was to help students adopt new strategies to face climate change. This aim intended to give them the ability to adapt their ideas to new situations. The first step was be to give them basic information about the possible strategies, and to orientate them towards other information sources on detailed strategies. Then, they have been enabled to understand and implement new adapted strategies.

The third aim was to help students adopt new ecological techniques that do not contribute to CC. This corresponded to the prevention aim. Through this aim, the objectives have been to make them able to identify the main risks to wine production (water, shortage, carbon footprint...). Also, the students became more aware of sustainable strategies that could be used: key elements with a focus on carbon footprinting.

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