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The Lifelong learning project E-VitiClimate aims to address the challenges that climate change poses for European wine producers.
Changes in temperature and rainfall are already transforming European vineyards rhythm and state. The impact of climate change on wine production in Europe is extremely important when considering the economic, political, social , and cultural role of wine and the production industry. Wine producers need to be fully aware of the impacts of these changes on the whole viticulture sector and to adapt their techniques accordingly.

Thus, the project E-VitiClimate aims to train teachers and trainers on issues related to climate change and on different viticultural techniques to help producers adapt to climate change. E-VitiClimate delivers an innovative platform to help maintain the best  European vineyard conditions.
Two modules are available by E-VitiClimate to inform technicians about climate change and its effects on viticulture:
  • Module 1 presents the climate change process globally, its effects on European vineyard and adaptation techniques (irrigation techniques, genetic adaptation, ...)
  • Module 2 details the required adaptation to local ecology, examples and guidelines.

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